The Owl House


The Owl house new and old. It was built it below the most beautiful village in Tinos, Triandaros, ten minutes from the ferry in town and from beaches. Eighty tons of building material was brought down the ancient stairs by donkey. It is a handmade traditional Greek house with European modern open spaces. It has sweeping views of the sea and nearby villages.

The Owl house has a new main house, with 3 bedrooms, and two baths, a bedroom suite made from a 300 year old stable with its own bath and a completely separate guest house- a studio built from a converted ancient stable that has one large room with a living area, bedroom, kitchen bath and deck. The combination of ancient and modern is breathtaking. .

The owl house is down ancient stairs from the village about three flights, from the car park. That gives it total privacy, it cannot be seen or heard from another house, it is a perfect lovers retreat, a unique private getaway in nature. Hawks circle overhead, owls call at night, otherwise there is silence.